Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's A Brand New Day

I'm not too used to the blog scene but I have a lot of extensive experience with ranting. So, want to know about Morganna?

As I said in my short bio, I'm a 22 year old college student leading a double life. I'm an education major and a substitute and while I would love to be public with my sexual excursions, I can't help but fear it will reap dangerous repercussions on my professional life. I suppose I am fitting into that fantasy slot 'teacher by day/sex kitten at night'.

I am in a long-term relationship with the love of my life. Thankfully, he accepts me for all I am, couldn't have it any other way, right? It's a long-distance relationship and I know people say those don't work out but they can if both parties work at it.

I like to think I'm a very nice person but I can have a temper. Not an intimidating type of temper but the kind where I get angry easily. List of things? Sure. They include animal abusers, child/elderly abusers, ignorant closed-minded people, arrogant guys who think they can sleep with anyone, and the list goes on and on.

This is actually a pretty good idea, I can complain about people who bug me and they'd never have to know. Technically, it'd be behind there back but I need to get it out in the air and won't be using real names.

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